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  • Ignacio on 2015-Dec-20 23:46:02 Ignacio said

    Seconding RachelV on Jiu Thai the proprietors are from Shenyang, and they serve sldoily authentic NE Chinese cuisine. Lamb dumplings, lamb noodle soup, and other dishes that aren't part of the typical flavor profile of Cantonese, Sichuan, etc. cuisines but are typical of NE China. One of the best authentic Chinese restaurants to open up in Columbus in the last few years, and food you won't find much of anywhere else in the US, except NYC.
  • Darko on 2015-Dec-21 04:58:20 Darko said

    Check out the El mariachi<a href="http://sajmfuex.com"> cahins</a> one is located off 161 and Maple canyon in a strip next to a grocery store carry out across from Huntington Bank and the other location is next to a drive thru by the former Butch's Cafe next to Golden Corral off main st not to far from hamilton. Across from a Mi Mexico very good food since they have been around since 02.
  • Marta on 2015-Dec-22 16:07:53 Marta said

    We were talking about La Famosa on the Alt Eats food tour the other night and I wetnad to let you know that we drove by tonight and they have a sign on their door saying that they are closed for remodeling but will reopen soon. They did have the lights and TV on so they may have even been working tonight. http://zhxptslpk.com [url=http://jnmicj.com]jnmicj[/url] [link=http://cwovbwjdijf.com]cwovbwjdijf[/link]
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